Saturday, December 26, 2009

Eccence of Luxury

When you hear the words 'luxury home,'  what comes to mind? I think of large 3 story colonials with imposing pillars framing an expansive front porch (think White House), or a Floridian style mansion with tile roofs and floor to ceiling windows accented by beautiful designer fountains. (whew! now i'm out of breath ;-)

 ...BUT I'M WRONG-ish...

You see, luxury isn't a double digit number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Nor is  it  measured in square feet? What I'm getting at is this: size does not equal luxury. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a luxury is "something adding to pleasure or comfort but not absolutely necessary." To prove that small size and luxury are not mutual exclusive, I present to you, pictures of grandness, on a small scale.

This luxury home is only 1600 sq/ft, but it has everything you need plus a fresh neo-industrial designe theme.

Leave it to the Swedish to design a home with extensive water features and simple, plain minimalist lines, without losing that special somthing.

 This is a prime example of New Mexico architecture, displaying the the heavy influence that Mexican and Native American culture have had on the buildings in that area.Once made necessary due to available construction materials (read: mud), this building style is kept alive today by local building codes.

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