Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Water Landing

House. Boat.  Blending the freedom of the open waters and the comfort of home. This is a house boat. This is a water landing.

This stunning house boat can indeed replace your need for an earth bound shack. For spacious bedrooms, all with queen size beds are located in the back of the boat, each with its own, private, full bath room.

Gourmet kitchen appliances flank the inner wall, while a flat panel television hangs in the expansive living room.

On board air conditioning, and freshwater generation systems are, of course, included. Power comes from 2 Honda 90hp engines, which prove extremely economical (about $10 for 1 hour of cruising).

In India, house boats are much more common due to the high cost of land, and because many people work as fishermen.

While definitely more modest, this house boat offers the same experience as the much larger house boat above... freedom.

The sun goes down, gently bringing the day to a close. You sit on the balcony and look out... this is your house, this is your boat, this is your. water landing.

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