Thursday, January 21, 2010

Haiti -- Bad day

Until now, this blog has centered mostly around faboulouse homes and luxury accesories for the modern age homeowner.

A taste of reality then. As of this moment, there are at least 2 million people who are now COMPLETELY HOPELESSLY HOMELESS due to the massive earthquakes in Haiti. But you knew that.Guess what. Most people don't care. They just don't. It hit me as I was reading a news article published by the Guardian. On one side of the page, pictures of devastation and of people who looked absolutely miserable. The other side? An advert for a $100k Lexus . I'm sorry, have you gone mad?! I know what your thinking. Your saying, 'Joel, common now, everyone's gotta pay their bills, no sense in getting upset over an advert.' But you see it more than that.

Im not upset about the advert, its rather ironic placment, or even about the car itself. I firmly belive that if you have the means to surround yourself with nice things then you should. Life should be enjoyed. What I take issue with is the flippant attitude that many (most?) people take to human suffering. They justify their actions by assuming there is nothing they can do, so why bother even thinking about it. They hear the news and say things like, 'oh thats terrible,' or, 'those poor, poor people,' all the while sipping some sort of artificialy flavored $5 coffee drink. In the time it takes them to finish that frappy-latte-mocha-chino that they're drinking, the sufferings of other human beings will have all but vanished from their thoughts. That is what makes me upset.

So the next time you hear about tropical storms in Florida, tsunamies in India, gurrilla wars in latin america, hunger and poverty in southern africa.... Remember, these are people, just like you. They cry the same tears and share the same love as you do. The only diffrence is that they are there, and you are here. So at the very least, as we go through our day, we should remember that, there are people who are less fortunate.

Haiti Disaster:
National Palace before and after

  Infrastructure is virtually non existent

Entire villages reduced to rubble

Girl and her siblings being pulled from the wreckage


  1. As I was reading I was saying, "Yes, he's right!" . Then I got to the photos and I felt this weird 'feeling/chill' going from the top of my head down to my toes. Especially when I saw this one, "Girl and her siblings being pulled from the wreckage".

  2. Makes me feel bad for buying that cup of Starbucks this morning.