Friday, January 29, 2010

Live like Tarzan -- Tree Homes

For many people, the words 'tree house' bring back fond childhood memories of playing in the back yard, pretending that the tree house was a pirate ship or a fort or even just a private club (no girls allowed!!).

So what happens when we grow up? We forget how to imagine. We force ourselves to be serious, when all we really want, is the whimsy and fun of being a child. I present you with an elegant solution, a tree house. No, not some shack in one of your back yard trees, I mean a real home... in a tree. 10 Cool tree houses after the jump...

  Sometimes, simple is best.

This tree house is compleatly suspended between two trees. 
I wonder how it feels to sleep in this house on a windy night?

Rustic charm at it's strongest.

Snowy paradise

Stunning view


6000 Sq/ft of living space... in the trees.

Your tree house need not be shabby

Victorion tree living

Who says tree houses are only for country folk.

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